This Gadget Let’s You Scratch and DJ on Vinyl without a Needle Review


Hey, this is Dani with The Verge and we are here checking out the Phase which is a really unique replacement for the traditional needle on the tonearm of a turntable. So the way this works, its got little sticky pieces of rubber on the bottom and all you have to do is plop it on top of a record, give it a little push to make sure that it’s sticky,and then it will read the time code of any DVS enabled software that your DJ would.

So now without the use of the tonearm, I can play this song and actually have control over the time code without even having a needle physically on the record.

You could walk away from the turntable It’s so wild. Traditionally use it on the turntable. To scratch or to cue up your next record.The way its working is that this is sending a radio frequency signal to this box right here. And then this is connecting the turntables with the mixer and communicating with your computer.

The whole thing is very compact. This also acts as a charger for the two Phases, and they say that you should get about 10 hours of use out of only one hour of charging, which is really impressive. The whole package should cost about 300 dollars when it comes out, which they say should be around summertime but there’s no hard-set date.

It could seem a little gimmicky when you’re like, oh well why would, why would I need to do this, right. But the problem is with a lot of traditional needles this is the point that is in contact with the piece of vinyl when you’re playing with a traditional tonearm. And that can get screwed up in any number of ways. A piece of dust could get caught underneath this.

Say you’re playing in a very loud environment and people get to close to you, and they bump you or the bass gets too crumbly and loud, all of that can cause skips in a record. With this, that just eliminates any skips from happening at all and plus gives you a little bit of a fun visual effect on top of it.

From what I can tell there’s virtually no latency which is absolutely insane. It solves a lot of problems. It’s really compact. It works with any turntable that you already have. You just take the puck, you slap it on, give it a little stick, and then at the end of your set, you can take it out.

It all is contained in this one little box and you can pop it in your bag and take it with you to your next gig. I think its a really exciting product.

Everybody here has been really excited to see it in action and there you go. The Phase should be available in the next few months.