Samsung Galaxy S10 to feature a 4K Display Review


We’re starting to see rumors surrounding the Galaxy S10 emerge much earlier than expected, and the reasons for that is fairly obvious. The Galaxy S10 is set to mark the tenth anniversary of Androids most popular smartphone lineup so its not too surprising that we’re already seeing numerous reports about the device.

And now according to information that Ice Universe received, the Galaxy S10 will feature the highest-resolution display we’ve ever seen on a Samsung smartphone. Unfortunately, he didn’t offer any followup information, so this is all we have to goon.

The Galaxy S9 and S9+ offer a 2K display with pixel densities of 570 and 530 PPI respectively. The next popular display resolution is obviously 4K and if we do the math it would bring the pixel density on the S10+ to 710PPI. A jump to a 4K display mostly makes sense if the Galaxy S10 display will run at 4K resolution only when connected to a Gear VR, or if Samsung wants to offer a sharper experience inside some apps, such as the gallery (which is what Sony does).

Samsung Galaxy S10
Samsung Galaxy S10

That being said, if this rumors actually pans out, I’m pretty sure Samsung will give an option to downgrade the resolution from 4K to WQHD+ or lower just like it does with the current flagships. So if you think 4K is unnecessary or it’ll be a battery hog you always have an option to disable it. Just yesterday we talked about the Note 9 not featuring the in-display fingerprint scanner and now Korean media reports that the S10 will have that technology.

It makes sense to introduce this tech with an S phone rather than a Note phone since S series phones outsell the Note phones at least by 4 times and also the fact that its the 10th-anniversary phone it’s logical to keep the cool features and design for theS10.

I have made a video explaining why Samsungs in-display scanner will be better than the current ones on the market and Ill link the video in the description box below, do check it out. And let me know your thoughts on the 4K on the S10 and as always, I’ll see you’ll tomorrow.