Lenovo Z5 – A Revolutionary Phone Review


He has been revealing many details such as the truly bezel-less design, whopping storage capacity, and more. So let’s take a look at some incredible features that the Lenovo Z5 will be coming with: The Lenovo Z5 is gonna be the first TRULY Bezel-less phone.

Lenovo’s VP says that it’ll have a freaking 95% screen to body ratio and this is the sketch of the device. Vivo already introduced us to the Vivo APEX, that has a front which is almost screen but has a slight chin at the bottom.

So there’s going to be no notch like the iPhone X or a chin. I’m just curious how they’re going to implement the front camera. Lenovo’s VP says the Z5 will have 30 minutes of talk time at 0% battery. Now I’m not really sure how is that even a possibility, but it is likely that the battery might be accompanied by impressive power management, which might make this possible.

Lenovo Z5
Lenovo Z5

In an earlier teaser, Lenovo also teased the fact that the Z5 will have an impressive 45days of standby time. If Battery life is your main concern, the Z5 might just be the phone for you. Lenovo’s VP also revealed that their latest flagship will offer 4TB of storage, thanks to particle technology. If you’re wondering, that’s an unbelievable 4,000GBs of storage! However, I’m a little skeptical about this particular claim as having 4TB of physical storage does seem a bit too far-fetched for now.

What Lenovo might be hinting at could be the total storage across the devices internal storage, memory card and some form of cloud-based storage which could be coming bundled with the Z5. The Lenovo VP also shared a set of new camera samples captured with the Z5s dual rear cameras. These photos are said to be shot in the US. The clarity of the photos is vivid in bright daylight.

The scenery has been captured with great depth and attention to the details. And These samples hint that the camera is gonna be quite powerful. For more details, we need to wait for further teasers to be revealed. Given that the smartphone could be announced on June 14, we can expect more details to surface online in the coming days.

But in any case, the Lenovo Z5 is surely looking like a revolutionary phone with features never seen before in the smartphone world. That said, let me know your thoughts in the comments below and I’ll see you’ll tomorrow.