Is it the Real Google Pixel 3?


So these new pictures that you can see in the Android P public beta are creating shockwaves across the internet. People are assuming that this is the actual design of the Pixel 3.Even Venya Geskin made a render of this image which I gotta admit, looks beautiful. But I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news again, it’s not gonna happen, the Pixel 3sdisplay will not look like that.

No smartphone maker can pull off such screens on a mass-market phone in 2018. We might see smartphones like that down the road a bit, once smartphone makers figure out ways to embed cameras, speakers, and sensors under the screen. Until then, we get weird designs like a camera that pops up out of the top of the phone or notch up the top of the display.

Technically companies can make such device as illustrated by Vivo Apex. But Keep in mind that Google has to manufacture millions of Pixel 3s and considering the present industry scenario, it’s near impossible for them to manufacture such a device in millions of quantities. Also, Google never had any intention to compete in the hardware game.

google pixel 3
Google pixel 3

Their main objective to create the Pixel lineup was to showcase the Android software’s capabilities. To show other OEMs how the Android should be implemented and also it was meant for developers as a standard device in which they can work on their apps. They never wanted to be the number one in the hardware segment.

So Google coming with such a revolutionary design is highly unlikely. So yeah, that’s not going to be the Pixel 3 design. The image that you see in the settings is just a faceless, featureless generic image.

Just don’t expect the screen to go from corner to corner as it does in this image. That said, let me know your thoughts in the comments down below and I’ll see you’ll tomorrow.